Frequently asked questions

What happens to animals that don't get adopted?

Our animals ALWAYS find their furever homes. Some do take longer than others, but our rescue will look after them for as long as it takes!

Where do the animals come from?

All of our animals have either been rescued from an Australian pound or have been surrendered by their owner for various reasons, such as they are moving overseas, or they can no longer look after the animal due to costs.

Why desex rescues before adoption?

All dogs and cats must be desexed prior to adoption, this minimises the risk of reproduction related issues and unwanted litters going through the pounds.

I already have an animal, whats the process in adopting a friend?

Yes, we have information on most of our rescue animals to know if they are cat, dog and/or child friendly. All adoptions require one or more meet and greets to ensure that existing animals get along with their potential companion before an adoption is approved.

Why is there an adoption fee?

Every animal in our care is vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed/flea treated. We also regularly have animals that require extra vet care (such as dental, emergencies etc.). Our adoption fees help to cover theses costs for the next rescue in care, to ensure we can continue to save lives.

How do I adopt an animal?

If you wish to adopt a DOG, have a look at our dogs available for adoption, and fill out a Dog Adoption Application If you wish to adopt a CAT, have a look at our cats available for adoption, and fill out a Cat Adoption Application For other animal types please email

How do I foster an animal?

If you wish to adopt a DOG, have a look at our animals needing foster, and fill out one of our applications; Cat Foster Application Dog Foster Application For other animal types please email

How do I donate to the rescue?

We always need the support of the public through fostering, donating items or financial contributions. To donated items, please email or to donate money please visit our donation page.

I found a lost animal, what do I do?

Take the dog to any vet to scan for a microchip that may contain the owners details (this is free). The vet can then advise on the best option to help reunite a pet with their owner. Also, you can post the found animal on social media, RSPCA lost and found, Finding Rover and community boards. Be careful not to provide too much detail so that only the ACTUAL owner claim the pet by answering quesitons about the dog.